Bob Wiley
William D. Wiley, MBA, MCMEA, SBA
Wiley & Associates, Inc.
Merger & Acquisition Executive
Master Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser
Director of Wiley & Associates, Inc.
Licensed Medical Equipment Appraiser Specialty Shield
Licensed Agriculture & Farm Equipment Appraiser Shield
Licensed Heavy Construction Equipment Appraiser Shield
Licensed Vehicles Trucks Vans Fleets Equipment Appraiser Specialty Shield
Licensed Food Production Equipment Appraiser Specialty Shield
Licensed Printing Trades Equipment Appraiser Specialty Shield
Licensed Asphalt & Concrete Equipment Appraiser Specialty Shield
Licensed Restaurant Equipment Appraiser Shield
Licensed Manufacturing Equipment Appraiser Shield
Licensed Hospital & Surgery Equipment Appraiser Specialty Shield
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Unique Reasons to Use This Professional

Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, Washington DC

Headquarters: Towson, MD Comments:  Bob Wiley brings competitive pricing and prompt response / turnaround. He has been doing equipment appraisals longer than most in the Industry and brings that knowledge to the table.

10 Days after site visit on an Average Report

Desktop Appraisals

Onsite Appraisals

Appraisal Revue Services Comments: Wiley & Associates, Inc. combines the Business Brokerage, Consulting, and Machinery & Equipment Appraisal to great effect. This gives a ground up knowledge of the businesses he helps. 


MCMCEA – Master Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser

CMEA – Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser

Licensed Specialties Achieved:

Licensed Agriculture Equipment Appraiser

Licensed Construction Equipment Appraiser

Licensed Vehicles: Truck & Fleet Equipment Appraiser

Licensed Food Distribution Equipment Appraiser

Licensed Asphalt & Concrete Equipment Appraiser

Licensed Restaurant Equipment Appraiser

Licensed Manufacturing Equipment Appraiser

Licensed Medical Equipment Appraiser

Licensed Hospitals & Surgery Equipment Appraiser

Competitive Advantage:

Because of my 20 years’ experience in Business Brokerage for the middle market I am conversant with many different types of businesses and their related equipment. My 12 years as a certified equipment appraiser gives me a wealth of experience across a broad range of equipment. 

Prior to opening Wiley & Associates My career was spent as Snr VP Finance at Martin Marietta which gives me 40+ years of applied knowledge in manufacturing.

We offer competitive pricing, very accurate detailed work and reports. We have prompt response and prompt turnaround on our Equipment Appraisal Reports. 

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A Partial List of the Types of Equipment / Companies Worked With

  • Agriculture, Farm Machinery & Equipment
  • Asphalt, Concrete Machinery & Equipment
  • Automotive Paint and Body Repair Equipment
  • Boiler Machinery & Equipment
  • Clinical, Chiropractor, Spa, Physical Therapy Equipment
  • Computers & Peripheral Equipment
  • Computers, Data Center & Server Farms
  • Construction Machinery & Equipment
  • Firearms
  • Fleet Maintenance Machinery & Equipment
  • Food Production Machinery
  • General Contractor Machinery & Equipment
  • Industrial Machinery & Equipment
  • Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Medical Office Equipment
  • Plastic Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment
  • Printing Trades Machinery & Equipment
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Textile Machinery & Equipment
  • Transportation, Trucking & Logistics Equipment
  • Vehicles: Classic, Custom & Antique & Support Equipment
  • Vehicles: Consumer Level & Support Equipment
  • Vehicles: Trucks, Vans, Fleet & Support Equipment
  • Woodworking Machinery & Equipment

Professional's Bio / Overview.

Bill Wiley, Senior Vice President
Bill Wiley brings 35 years of experience to clients in need of financial and strategic planning. He has held executive positions in all areas of finance within the aerospace industry and enjoyed a second career in the nonprofit sector.

A long established career with what is now Lockheed Martin had Mr. Wiley involved in all areas of finance from master planning and configuration management, to accounting, financial planning, treasury and management of working capital. As Vice President, Business Operations for Martin’s Baltimore Division he was part of the Executive Planning Panel with responsibility for the divisions major long range and operational decisions. He was also responsible for the successful merger with Gould’s Ocean Systems Division and directed the integration of the operation into Martin’s business structure.

As Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Waste Policy Institute, Mr. Wiley managed and directed all administrative disciplines including all financial functions, legal, information systems, HR, and procurement.

He selected and managed the highly competent team of managers who took WPI from a start-up to a very successful not for profit corporation with over $30 Million in annual revenues, 200 employees, and 10 offices in the US and Russia.

Mr. Wiley is a certified machinery and equipment appraiser (CMEA) with the NEBB Institute. He also brokers the sale of machinery and equipment.

Mr. Wiley is a graduate of Denver University and has completed the Executive Study Series at Harvard Business School. He began his career serving his country as a carrier qualified Naval Aviator in the U.S. Navy.

Referrals, Previous Clients and Testimonials

This Professional's Company has performed over 325 Equipment Appraisals
Note About Referrals and Previous Clients...

Due to the private and many times data sensitive nature of appraisal work, many clients choose not to share or participate in referrals. As a matter of course many times the appraiser is Ethically and Legally bound not to disclose information. Due to this a “written” version of previous clients may be challenging for an appraiser to distribute. Please ask the appraiser directly for any extra previous client examples.

Professionals Favorites - Image Gallery

Professionals dealing with assets many times get to see some very interesting places and equipment. We thought it would be fun to allow them to share a few pictures they have taken. 
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