Charles Mitchell
Mitchell Automotive Services
President of Mitchell Automotive Services
Master Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser
Licensed Restaurant Equipment Appraiser Shield
Licensed Food Production Equipment Appraiser Specialty Shield
Licensed Automotive Dealership Equipment Appraiser Specialty Shield
Licensed Automotive Repair Equipment Appraiser Specialty Shield
Licensed Motorcycle & Offroad Equipment Appraiser Specialty Shield
Licensed Small Business Equipment Appraiser Specialty Shield
Licensed Automotive Paint & Body Equipment Appraiser Specialty Shield
Licensed Boat Ship Yacht Equipment Appraiser Specialty Shield
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Unique Reasons to Use This Professional

National Coverage

Headquarters: Peoria, Arizona

Desktop Appraisals

Onsite Appraisals Comments: A unique product that Mitchell Automotive Services offers over other Appraisers is the ability to also do the inventory for Dealerships. 

2 – 5  Days on an Average Report Comments: This is one of the faster turnaround times in the industry. 


MCMCEA – Master Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser

CMEA – Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser

Competitive Advantage:

Mitchell Automotive Services is a team of veteran automotive professionals uniquely specializing in training fixed operations managers. Sharing years of experience from successful real world strategies that will transcend a dealership’s operating culture from an environment of impulse management to one of internal coaching, accountability and teamwork. Mitchell Automotive Services has been “in the trenches” guiding and directing fixed operations managers in the automotive industry since 1987. Professional trainers include accountants, parts managers, IT specialists, finance managers, sales managers, fixed operations directors, and business owners.

Over 30 years of involvement with all aspects of a dealership’s operation has built our steadfast belief that the life-blood of every dealership’s business is the attitude that its customers see and feel upon visiting the dealership. Service and parts professionals create the customer’s perception of a dealership. By personal interaction, telephone conversations, text and emails; your fixed operations personnel make contact with almost FOUR times as many customers and potential customers than anyone else in the dealership….every day! 


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A Partial List of the Types of Equipment / Companies Worked With

  • Agriculture, Farm Machinery & Equipment
  • Aircraft and Peripheral Equipment
  • Animal Stables & Stockyards Equipment
  • Asphalt, Concrete Machinery & Equipment
  • Automotive Dealership Machinery & Equipment
  • Automotive Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment
  • Automotive Paint and Body Repair Equipment
  • Automotive Repair Machinery & Equipment
  • Biological Science & Test Equipment
  • Boat, Ship, Yacht & Marine Machinery & Equipment
  • Boiler & Heater Machinery & Equipment
  • Broadcasting & Studio Machinery & Equipment
  • Cannabis & Hemp Facilities Equipment
  • Carpet Cleaning Equipment
  • Chemical Production Machinery & Equipment
  • Chiropractor, Spa, Physical Therapy Offices &  Equipment
  • Clinics & Doctors Offices & Equipment
  • Commercial Construction Machinery & Equipment
  • Computers & Peripheral Equipment
  • Convenience Store Equipment
  • Custom Machinery & Equipment
  • Data Centers & Server Farms
  • Dental & Orthodontics Offices & Equipment
  • Dry Cleaning & Laundry Machinery & Equipment
  • Electrical Trades Equipment
  • Electronics
  • Energy Trades Machinery & Equipment
  • Engines and Turbines
  • Fabrication Machinery & Equipment
  • Firearms & Gun Repair Machinery & Equipment
  • Fleet Maintenance Machinery & Equipment
  • Food Production & Distribution Machinery & Equipment
  • Forestry Machinery & Equipment
  • Fuel & Gas Machinery & Equipment
  • General Construction Machinery & Equipment
  • Generators
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • Hospital & Surgery Center Equipment
  • HVAC Trades Machinery & Equipment
  • Hydro Machinery & Equipment
  • Industrial Machinery & Equipment
  • Infrastructure Machinery & Equipment
  • Internet Backbone & Local Providers Machinery & Equipment
  • Janitorial & Maid Services Equipment
  • Linework Machinery & Equipment
  • Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Medical Office Equipment
  • Mining: Above Ground Machinery & Equipment
  • Mining: Under Ground Machinery & Equipment
  • Motorcycle & Off-road Vehicles
  • Oil & Gas Drilling Machinery & Equipment
  • Oil & Gas: Land Machinery & Equipment
  • Oil & Gas: Offshore Machinery & Equipment
  • Oil & Gas Service Machinery & Equipment
  • Other Machinery & Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment
  • Photography & Video Equipment
  • Plastic Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment
  • Plumbing Trades Machinery & Equipment
  • Power Plant Machinery & Equipment
  • Printing Trades Machinery & Equipment
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Retail Store & National Chain Equipment
  • Schools, Colleges & Training Facilities Equipment
  • Scientific & Lab Equipment
  • Scrap & Recycling Machinery & Equipment
  • Shipping & Distribution Equipment
  • Small Business Equipment
  • Solar Machinery & Equipment
  • Sound, Stage & Lighting Equipment
  • Telecom Infrastructure Machinery & Equipment
  • Textile Machinery & Equipment
  • Training / Gym Equipment
  • Transportation, Trucking & Logistics Equipment
  • Vehicles: Classic, Custom & Antique & Support Equipment
  • Vehicles: Consumer Level & Support Equipment
  • Vehicles: Trucks, Vans, Fleet & Support Equipment
  • Veterinarian & Facilities Equipment
  • Waste Removal & Solid Waste Equipment
  • Water & Fire Restoration Equipment
  • Wind Machinery & Equipment
  • Woodworking Machinery & Equipment

Professional's Bio / Overview.

Professional designations and work experience for Charlie Mitchell, MCMEA

Charlie Mitchell has over 30 years of experience in buy sell automotive dealer acquisitions and yearly parts inventories.
Charlie Mitchell, MCMEA has been awarded the MCMEA designation (Master Certified Machinery/Equipment Appraiser) by the NEBB Institute. MCMEAs are located throughout the United States and several foreign countries, and are used by banks, other lending institutions, CPAs, attorneys, business buyers/sellers and others to provide needed financial information for a variety of reasons.

His industry knowledge and adhering to the most recent trends in the ever changing markets allows him to be competent in performing machinery and equipment appraisals. He excels in his personal ethical guidelines and experience in being compliant of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (U.S.P.A.P.).

Charlie is uncompromising in his pursuit of solutions. He has approached his career with the same simple tenants he has employed throughout his life which are; see the need, solve the need with innovative thinking, and do it better than everyone else.

Charlie’s tradition of excellence and an uncompromising spirit is reflected in the team here at Mitchell’s. We build our company one customer at a time with the highest quality, by honoring our word and our commitments to service and tailoring your certification to the circumstances of each appraisal.

Referrals, Previous Clients and Testimonials

Equipment Appraisals Performed By This Professional:
Note About Referrals and Previous Clients...

Due to the private and many times data sensitive nature of appraisal work, many clients choose not to share or participate in referrals. As a matter of course many times the appraiser is Ethically and Legally bound not to disclose information. Due to this a “written” version of previous clients may be challenging for an appraiser to distribute. Please ask the appraiser directly for any extra previous client examples.

Professionals Favorites - Image Gallery

Professionals dealing with assets many times get to see some very interesting places and equipment. We thought it would be fun to allow them to share a few pictures they have taken. 
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