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Lawrie N. Hollingsworth, E.E.
Asset Recovery Technologies, Inc.
Master Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser
Senior Business Analyst
President of Asset Recovery Technologies, Inc.
MCMEA Certification Logo
Licensed Water & Fire Restoration Equipment Appraisal Specialty Shield
Licensed Broadcasting & Studio Equipment Appraiser Specialty Shield
Licensed Manufacturing Equipment Appraiser Shield
Licensed Computer & Peripheral Equipment Appraiser Specialty Shield
Licensed Plastic Manufacturing Equipment Appraiser Specialty Shield
Licensed Fabrication Equipment Appraiser Specialty Shield
Licensed Scientific & Lab Equipment Appraiser Specialty Shield
Licensed Data Center & Server Farms Equipment Appraiser Specialty Shield
Licensed Electronics Equipment Appraiser Specialty Shield

Unique Reasons to Use This Professional

Area(s) Served: National, Eastern, DC Area

Headquarters: Maryland

Desktop Appraisals

Onsite Appraisals Comments: Lawrie provides a solid background in Asset Appraisals and has an extensive Technical & Electrical background to rely on. Lawrie also has previously ran a Certification Company and can call on a Labor pool from across the Nation to satisfy an Appraisal need.

5 Days on an Average Report

5-15 Days on Large Reports Comments: This companies ability to deliver an expedient Appraisal is multiplied by the access to many external Appraisers as needed across the county that Lawrie has trained personally.


MCMCEA – Master Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser

CMEA – Certified Machinery & Equipment Appraiser

Licensed Specialties Achieved:

Electrical Engineering Degree

Competitive Advantage:

Our company utilizes over 37 years of appraising equipment assets for insurance company claims, banks and lenders, attorneys, business owners and more to provide top quality, accurate, and professional appraisals. Further our extensive business and technology knowledge allows us to quickly and accurately appraise equipment, custom manufacturing systems, IT assets including software and data, from the simple to the very complex. Our many years of experience as Expert Witnesses provides the superior quality litigation work that our clients have come to rely on.

Superior appraisal and technical squeals combined with financial analysis experience allows us to supply superior quality appraisals including value methods that range from depreciation to market information to income flow analysis.

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A Partial List of the Types of Equipment / Companies Worked With

  • Agriculture, Farm Machinery & Equipment
  • Aircraft and Peripheral Equipment
  • Animal Stables & Stockyards Equipment
  • Asphalt, Concrete Machinery & Equipment
  • Automotive Dealership Machinery & Equipment
  • Automotive Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment
  • Automotive Paint and Body Repair Equipment
  • Automotive Repair Machinery & Equipment
  • Biological Science & Test Equipment
  • Boat, Ship, Yacht & Marine Machinery & Equipment
  • Boiler & Heater Machinery & Equipment
  • Broadcasting & Studio Machinery & Equipment
  • Cannabis & Hemp Facilities Equipment
  • Carpet Cleaning Equipment
  • Chemical Production Machinery & Equipment
  • Chiropractor, Spa, Physical Therapy Offices &  Equipment
  • Clinics & Doctors Offices & Equipment
  • Commercial Construction Machinery & Equipment
  • Computers & Peripheral Equipment
  • Convenience Store Equipment
  • Custom Machinery & Equipment
  • Data Centers & Server Farms
  • Dental & Orthodontics Offices & Equipment
  • Dry Cleaning & Laundry Machinery & Equipment
  • Electrical Trades Equipment
  • Electronics
  • Energy Trades Machinery & Equipment
  • Engines and Turbines
  • Fabrication Machinery & Equipment
  • Firearms & Gun Repair Machinery & Equipment
  • Fleet Maintenance Machinery & Equipment
  • Food Production & Distribution Machinery & Equipment
  • Forestry Machinery & Equipment
  • Fuel & Gas Machinery & Equipment
  • General Construction Machinery & Equipment
  • Generators
  • Heavy Construction Equipment
  • Hospital & Surgery Center Equipment
  • HVAC Trades Machinery & Equipment
  • Hydro Machinery & Equipment
  • Industrial Machinery & Equipment
  • Infrastructure Machinery & Equipment
  • Internet Backbone & Local Providers Machinery & Equipment
  • Janitorial & Maid Services Equipment
  • Linework Machinery & Equipment
  • Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Medical Office Equipment
  • Mining: Above Ground Machinery & Equipment
  • Mining: Under Ground Machinery & Equipment
  • Motorcycle & Off-road Vehicles
  • Oil & Gas Drilling Machinery & Equipment
  • Oil & Gas: Land Machinery & Equipment
  • Oil & Gas: Offshore Machinery & Equipment
  • Oil & Gas Service Machinery & Equipment
  • Other Machinery & Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment
  • Photography & Video Equipment
  • Plastic Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment
  • Plumbing Trades Machinery & Equipment
  • Power Plant Machinery & Equipment
  • Printing Trades Machinery & Equipment
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Retail Store & National Chain Equipment
  • Schools, Colleges & Training Facilities Equipment
  • Scientific & Lab Equipment
  • Scrap & Recycling Machinery & Equipment
  • Shipping & Distribution Equipment
  • Small Business Equipment
  • Solar Machinery & Equipment
  • Sound, Stage & Lighting Equipment
  • Telecom Infrastructure Machinery & Equipment
  • Textile Machinery & Equipment
  • Training / Gym Equipment
  • Transportation, Trucking & Logistics Equipment
  • Vehicles: Classic, Custom & Antique & Support Equipment
  • Vehicles: Consumer Level & Support Equipment
  • Vehicles: Trucks, Vans, Fleet & Support Equipment
  • Veterinarian & Facilities Equipment
  • Waste Removal & Solid Waste Equipment
  • Water & Fire Restoration Equipment
  • Wind Machinery & Equipment
  • Woodworking Machinery & Equipment

Professional's Bio / Overview.

Ms. Hollingsworth is president of two national firms specializing in services to in disaster recovery service and insurance property claims investigation and forensic analysis and engineering. Ms. Hollingsworth holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, (B.S.E.E.), from the University of Florida, (1976) and is Master Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser (MCMEA). Her graduate and undergraduate areas of specialization were in electronics and integrated circuit design with chemistry and materials sciences concentration. She is the author of a number of articles on disaster recovery planning and management. In addition to her technical activities and business entrepreneurship, Ms. Hollingsworth has held positions of responsibility in financial management and Mergers & Acquisitions,

A 9/11 responder, Ms. Hollingsworth and her firms were mobilized to the Gulf Coast area for Hurricane Katrina recovery assignments.

Thirty years experience in the electronics industry

Electronic designer/researcher on Army communications projects

(E-Systems, St. Petersburg, Florida)

Substation engineering in the area of electrical power transmission for major public utility. (Tampa Electric Company, Tampa, Florida)

Telecommunications engineer at major IBM mainframe site, responsible for over 300 on-line users, and all forms of computer and phone communication including phone systems, modems, terminals, multiplexors, and microwave links.

Phone switch systems designer at GTE. PABX designer of hardware and software.

Machine control and automation designer for Continental CanFounder/CEO of a Midwest microcomputer manufacturer; design and manufacturing processes of
personal computer board products such as CPU cards, memory cards floppy disk controller cards, etc.

Telecommunications consulting specialist in modems and telecommunication, network design, – Anderson-Jacobson.

Largest national representative/technical support for California based manufacturer of power protection and power backup equipment.

Senior Vice President- Mergers & Acquisitions, Singer Financial Services, Chicago Illinois, valuing high tech firms, for buy/sell, financing, capital raises, venture capital, etc.

Referrals, Previous Clients and Testimonials

Equipment Appraisals Performed By This Professional:
Note About Referrals and Previous Clients...

Due to the private and many times data sensitive nature of appraisal work, many clients choose not to share or participate in referrals. As a matter of course many times the appraiser is Ethically and Legally bound not to disclose information. Due to this a “written” version of previous clients may be challenging for an appraiser to distribute. Please ask the appraiser directly for any extra previous client examples.

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Professionals dealing with assets many times get to see some very interesting places and equipment. We thought it would be fun to allow them to share a few pictures they have taken. 
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