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Rod Mefford, MCMEA, CMEA, ECEA
President of Certified Consulting Group LLC
Expert Certified Equipment Appraiser
Equipment Appraisal Strategist
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Unique Reasons to Use This Professional

National (USA), Canada, International.

Headquarters: Florida

Regional Offices in: Florida, Indiana, Texas, Missouri. 

3 – 5 Days on an Average Report

7-10 Days on Large Reports 

Desktop, Onsite, and Virtual Appraisals Offered. Comments: We have found this company answers the call “Live” or by “Chat” almost every time – which is a rarity in an industry where 24-48 hours is the usual. Also of note is the ability for this company to turn a quote around within 1 hour of receiving the equipment information (Count, Location, Time-frame). 

3 – 5 Days on an Average Report

7-10 Days on Large Reports 

Desktop, Onsite, and Virtual Appraisals Offered. Comments: This appears to be one of the lowest turnaround times in the Industry – Especially considering the National Coverage Area. This is achieved through a group of Certified or Master Certified Appraisers working under one company. Very Efficient System.


ECEA – Expert Certified Equipment Appraiser

Licensed Specialties Achieved:

Licensed Manufacturing Equipment Appraiser

Licensed Industrial Equipment Appraiser

Licensed Restaurant Equipment Appraiser

Licensed Heavy Commercial Equipment Appraiser

Licensed Trucking & Transportation Equipment Appraiser

Licensed Oil & Gas Equipment Appraiser

Licensed Above Ground Mining Equipment Appraiser

Licensed Underground Mining Equipment Appraiser

Licensed Medical Equipment Appraiser

Licensed Agriculture & Farm Equipment Appraiser

Competitive Advantage:  Expert Equipment Appraisal LLC is designed to provide certified appraisals for machinery and equipment including supporting assets essential to the operation of any type of business.  We are able to quickly assess a client’s needs, the type of appraisal required, comply with timelines and contingencies as per the circumstances.  We strive to provide client status reports while maintaining minimal interruption of operations to achieve the goals according to our engagement.  Through years of experience, we are quickly able to determine a client’s needs, react to emergent situations, turnaround reports in an astoundingly short time due to our depth of talent and coordination of skills required.  We provide firm quotes and engage accordingly, provide logistics, management of asset tracking, and our research and reporting is compliant with USPAP guidelines.  We are able to assess data applicable to global locations as we have experience in not only the United States but Canada, Mexico, Singapore, China, Japan, Brazil and Australia.  We offer continual services after the appraisal completion as to updating asset information, maintaining records and physical tagging and implementation of asset tracking systems.  Our Capital Equipment pages can easily merge into your accounting format.

In a service industry, whereby goods are not supplied as a component to your business, Certified Consulting Group’s solvency is not an issue.  The issue for financial display is the growth and expansion the company has realized to prove performance.  The dollar volume of assets valued for our clients over the past few years is in excess of $1.2 Billion and is growing at about $200 million per year. Our company is averaging over 200 individual appraisals per year.

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A Partial List of the Types of Equipment / Companies Worked With

Agriculture Equipment
Airport Support Equipment
Asphalt Plants/Sand Pits
AstroTurf Manufacturing
Astroturf Installation
Auto Body / Repair
Auto Dealerships
Auto Parts Stores
Building Product Supplies
Cabinet Manufacturing
Call Centers
Carpet Manufacturing
Catalog & Mail Order Houses
Chemical Manufacturers
Chemical Distributors
Chemical Transportation
Coal Strip Mine Equipment
Coal Underground Mine Equipment
Communications Towers
Computer / Server / Electronics
Construction Companies
Convenience Stores
Country Clubs
Dairy Farms
Data Centers / Server Farms
Demolition Companies
Dental Practices
Distribution Companies
Dry Cleaners
Electrical Contracting Services
Electronics Manufacturing
Engine Manufacturing
Ethanol Plants
Exercise Gyms
Fabrication Equipment
Fast Food Restaurants
Farm Equipment / Storage
Fire / Flood Restoration Services
Fleet Maintenance Services
Food Processing Plants
Forestry Equipment
Furniture Manufacturing
Gasoline Stations
Gold Mines
Golf Courses
Grocery Stores
Hardware Stores
High Tech Manufacturing Companies
High Wall Mining Equipment
Industrial Manufacturing
Industrial Plant & Machinery
International Companies
Janitorial Companies
Lumber Yards
Machine Shops
Manufacturing Companies
Medical Clinics
Microchip Manufacturing
Millwork Shops
Mines Gold, Coal, Copper
Motor Freight Transportation
Moving and Storage Companies
National Franchises
Natural Gas Drilling Rigs
Natural Gas Equipment
Oil and Gas Refineries
Oil Rigs / Drilling Rigs
Oil Field Equipment
Oil Field Service Companies
Photography Studios
Physicians Practices
Plastic Extrusion Equipment
Plumbing Contracting Services
Printing Companies
Professional Buildings
Radio/TV Repair Companies
Recreational Vehicle Dealerships
Recycling / Waste Centers
Refuse Hauling Companies
Restaurant Franchises
Retail Stores / National Chains
Rodeo Stadiums
Solar Array Manufacturing
Solar Panel Fields
Textile Mill Production
Transportation / Trucking Fleets
Veterinary Clinics / Supplies
Welding / Repair Shops
Well Drilling Companies
Well Servicing Companies
Wholesale Businesses
Woodworking Shops

Professional's Bio / Overview.

Rod Mefford holds a National Certification in Machinery and Equipment Appraisal and has been performing Machinery and Equipment Appraisals across the country since 2014. He currently owns several successful businesses including Expert Equipment Appraisal, a division of Certified Consulting Group, LLC.

Rod draws from his broad background to analyze the client’s needs and ensure that his goal coincides with theirs. Keeping his background in mind along with his continued education, Rod is able to guide our clients as he is up-to-date on trends that may directly influence various entities. As Expert Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraisers, we are trained and compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (U.S.P.A.P.). Rod’s company Expert Equipment Appraisal LLC provides service with excellence, prompt turnaround and confidence in our appraising abilities.

Prior to becoming a Certified Equipment Appraiser, Rod was a Senior Project Manager for a national building corporation where he led residential and commercial development and its systems increasing the firm’s productivity by over 40%. Before this, Rod was the Director of Marketing and Sales for an international heating and cooling manufacturer where he led the negotiation process building sales and managing accounts thereby creating an expansive customer network resulting in future revenue projections of over $100-million.

Over the course of his professional life Rod has excelled in various Sales venues for over 40 years winning many prestigious awards along the way. His education, certifications and experience gives clients confidence as he imparts compassion for various situations and needs while taking ownership of a multitude of circumstances. His problem-solving abilities, linked with his business savvy and knowledge of this industry, brings comfort to our clientele and a reliability that deepens and personalizes our customer’s experience. Rod guides customer’s through the appraisal process and simplifies a complex industry. 

Referrals, Previous Clients and Testimonials

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Note About Referrals and Previous Clients...

Due to the private and many times data sensitive nature of appraisal work, many clients choose not to share or participate in referrals. As a matter of course many times the appraiser is Ethically and Legally bound not to disclose information. Due to this a “written” version of previous clients may be challenging for an appraiser to distribute. Please ask the appraiser directly for any extra previous client examples.

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Professionals dealing with assets many times get to see some very interesting places and equipment. We thought it would be fun to allow them to share a few pictures they have taken. 

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