Simple and easy to understand Equipment Appraiser search. How to use Find Equipment Appraiser will guide you visually through the process.

Step 1:

Search by your Location / Equipment Type or Industry 

How to use find equipment appraiser

Step 2:

Choose an Appraiser from the search results and click on the box “Contact and View Full Expertise Here”. 

Example Appraiser Image

Step 3:

Review Appraiser Verified Score. 

Note the Verified Score Box – This is an important way to measure Appraisers. A higher score is based on the following things. 

Verified Score

Step 4:

Review Appraiser Certifications and Licensed Specialties. 

This gives you insight into the appraisers ability level and Appraisal Focus. 

Step 5:

Contact Appraiser – We suggest having you Equipment Appraisal Request Sheet Ready for that conversation. 

Appraiser Contact Form Image

Repeat this process if you cannot find the proper Appraiser on the first try.